Regarding the issue of gun violence and sensible gun control legislation: An Official notice from Your Friend David and The Crimson Lifeline

Official Notice from The Crimson Lifeline

Regarding the issue of gun violence and sensible gun control legislation:


I have been trying to stay out of politics as my page and my blog is for everyone. It will remain for everyone, but I cannot continue to watch innocent life be so violently taken. I cannot stand and see a shooting every day and not say words about how I feel.


How do I feel? I am pissed off! I am hot mad and I can’t stay quiet any longer so if you are offended and will not listen to this, I will not apologize, my blog, and my page is not for you.

I stand firm in support of the Second Amendment but I believe that the original intent is being absconded by special interest and by the NRA.

The Crimson Lifeline is officially and with all of my voice, fervently supporting the right of these young adults, men and women of all ages and races, of all religions and all makes and models, to resist the NRA and to march for their right to be safe. We all have a voice and I will be using mine now!

I have seen too many souls be taken by gun violence. I have watched terror reign and flourish under poor legislation and inaction. How many more souls must we watch die? How many times can we say “They are in our prayers” but never act. This is the end. No more silence. No more fear.

I fight stigma every day, but my voice now fights back against the representatives that have sat on their hands and pandered to the NRA for far too long.

Students who have chosen to take a stand and walk out have the absolute right to their First Amendment right to peaceably protest and walk out of their schools. They are marching as I type this in numbers in the millions. They are registering to vote, and they are taking a stand.

The Crimson Lifeline will not be on the wrong side of history. I and my page will now stand for the right of children to be safe in their schools. I and my page will stand for the right of innocent Americans to be safe at their churches and places of entertainment. Terror will never make my voice silent and my page will never let the horror to stop the belief.

Sensible gun control is not a suggestion, it is a DEMAND.

Contact your local representatives and senators. Contact them and remind them that we are voters, and proud Americans who are taking a stand. Demand the return of all funds that the NRA has funneled into their coffers for elections. Demand legislation, true and effective legislation that preserves the sovereign right of the people to LIFE LIBERTY and THE PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

We demand that the right to be safe and protected be honored and lifted up.

You can text 50409 with the word “NRA” to find out who your representatives and your senators are, and how much the NRA has donated in support or in opposition to their campaigns. Once you know who they are then call their offices. Then hit them up on Facebook directly. Facebook has added a feature to add to your post the option to contact them and to allow your followers to contact them. Tweet them at their accounts that you will be voting and they need to DO SOMETHING.

Words mean little. Actions speak louder. DEMAND ACTION.

This is The Crimson Lifeline’s stance on this issue. Those who take issue with it may leave. I understand. I will not miss you. You will be on the wrong side of history and we will never again allow this to happen.

I support the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES and I hope you will register and vote your conscience.

I will be.

With love, honor, respect, and dignity for all Americans,



Your Friend David

On gun control, and activism – Your Friend David

I am not alone in the effect that a school shooting has on our culture. We are inundated by the access to weapons, and then the subsequent use of those weapons. Crime, passion, just plain hate – all these things are the triggers that set these plots into motion. Mental health seems to be a common thread. So too the obvious signs of the disturbance. We fail at every turn. Nothing is being done.

And so I want to reference the Parable of the Rainbow Room. The elder generation was taught that we needed our weapons for sport, for protection, for status. We needed a gun to show that we were ready for the eminent threat of war from many enemies. We wanted to be ready to defend our freedom, personally.
And in their day schools taught gun safety, parents took the responsibility to know their child’s aptitude to operate a weapon. Many safeguards were in place to assure that you knew how to use, keep, maintain and secure your weapons.
We used to live in tight knitted communities, where you knew your next door neighbor. You relied on them to help you raise your children, and their children with the values of your society. There were no screens in everybody’s faces or TV babysitters. If a kid got in trouble up the road, he faced it all the way home and then once he got there he faced it again. Children were taught respect and faith, not immediate gratification and political correctness.
So now we come to today. The room is not the same color as it was back then. The children are different and they have much more access to information and to social groups. They are not the respectful, faithful generation of yesterday. They are the informed, opinionated and powerful leaders of tomorrow.
And so what I see, just past the politics is a movement. A generation is coming of informed activists. These kids have lived through the recent Great Recession, and they know how to access any information they choose to. They are strong in their voices, and willing to stand for their causes.
These kids are a powerful example of the changes society has to go through to maintain its life. Society has to change.
The elders are crying “What did we do wrong? We don’t see what to change, because we liked it that way? Why are they so different, how can we continue?”
And some elders say “Goodness, look at their determination. We did it! We actually raised a generation strong enough to lead! We will continue!”


I don’t want to get into opinion on gun control or on the Second Amendment or specifics on the NRA’s position but as I listen to the voices of the children, I hear nothing out of the other side. Nope, we won’t change anything.
I know who is going to change the world, and I know who will be left out if they don’t respect this change. The room keeps changing color. Always.


Your Friend David.

Guns don’t Kill is CRAP

I am tired of the saying that guns don’t kill people. This is a cop out that removes all responsibility for those who manufacture and sell these weapons and a convienient response to those who could care less.
I have been avoiding news coverage because I have seen this a thousand times before. A sick little kid, who the government has investigated, was allowed to buy or come into contact with a weapon. This kid is toubled, and the community knows it.
He gets the weapon he wants. He posts his ideology on a social media platform for all to see. He is not hiding, he is actively seeking help in the only way he knows how. This is how we treat our mentally unfit. Just ignore them, they will eventually just go away.
But they don’t. They shoot up schools and churches. They blow up concerts and terrorize their neighbors. They go unchecked. No one wants to help. How do we help?
We then start the grief process. We blame our government for their lack of attention to sensible gun control. We blame the media for their expressions of hate and the video games that they sell. We blame social media for not noticing their users obvious calls for help.
We will never see an end to this until we take the problem seriously, and personal.
Its one thing to demand your elected officials to act, but its another to secure your own communilty. The only way to affect the change you seek is to do the following:
REGISTER TO VOTE – AND RESEARCH YOUR OPTIONS,By registering to vote, you gain the power to help decide who will represent you. If current representation will not commit to gun control, find one that does. Get it in writing, get them to publicly make this their issue. Its up to you to vote, this is your civic duty.
Get up and knock on the doors of your neighbors. Get interested in who lives in your communities. Get involved civically in your own backyard. When you find a soul who needs your help, offer it. It may make the difference, and you will make friends and ally’s.
Our little ones are being drilled to survive an active shooter situation. I saw a meme of a 3 year old girl who was standing on her toilet at home. When her parents asked her why she was doing this, her reply was “We practice this at school”. Does anyone think this is just wrong other than me?
Teach your children to be good citizens and that when they see something they say something. But let them be children. Let them absorb the world as they should. Your words and deeds will develop in them the strength to break this chain of violence.

Yes, I pray for the families and the community that was so awfuly affected by the Parkway Shooting. I pray daily for every soul. Blame is a stage of grief, but so is acceptance and forgiveness. Beyond the pain is real work on every level.
Lets do this folks. We are the generation who can stop this.

With love,
Your Friend David