About Me – Your Friend David

My name is David and I’m your friend.
I am so excited you’re here and I have much to say! Are you ready?
I am an advocate, activist, and survivor. Formerly I have been a member of the Armed Forces as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, which expanded my knowledge of medicine and nursing care. I learned the basics of registered nursing and field medicine. One of my most rewarding experiences was the care of HIV and cancer patients at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD. The headquarters of Naval Medicine. It was an honor.
In 2002 after discharge I found that the State of Florida would not accept my on the job expertise for reciprocity and so I started from the bottom up. I became a CNA in 2002 and began my nursing career in personal care.
I had the opportunity to work for many nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in home care settings. I shined while giving the best possible care, with my extensive knowledge with compassion and care. I particularly enjoyed the one on one time, and the pace of home health.
In 2004 Florida suffered through no less than 5 hurricanes. My home and my family were in danger and I wanted to help. I began to understand that nursing had become to emotional, and personal. I needed a career change so I moved onto Customer Service and Sales.
My excellent communication skills proved very valuable. To be a medical professional, you must have the best communication skills, and to be flexible with your resolutions. This carried be through my service with Ford Motor Company, Fiserv Lending Solutions, and even a multi-campaign call center. I learned the ins and the outs of Medicare and Medicaid, honed my sales experience, and my computer skills.
The most memorable campaign I helped to launch was MyPublisher. I was responsible for extreme multitasking, as I was taking inbound phone calls, answering emails, and handing live chat all at one time, feverishly. This job was just as challenging as it was exhausting. I earned the first Monster Award for my work in developing a manual and scripting for my fellow agents, all on my own time. I will take the work I can home, I’m relentless.


This is when I started showing symptoms of Advanced HIV.
After becoming quite ill and then testing HIV positive, all I was scared and nowhere to go to find help. I looked online, called around, but it seemed as if there were no holding hands to guide me to treatment.
The isolation and depression were almost too much until by faith, and a little help from my aunt in another city to find a free testing location. I went in, they were kind and compassionate. These kind of people that I wanted to be like. They were people are used to be like! I knew then, once I was able I would be an advocate and activist.


I survived, relatively unscathed. I am perfectly healthy and able to be what I was trained to do. I can honor my first goal, and bring along my other skills to bring to you some hope.


For right now, as I am not credentialed to be a CNA, I can be a home health helper. I can type and express my thoughts. I have many networked friends in the HIV/Medical community who are supporting me al the way.


So who is “Your Friend David”

I am an activist, advocate, blogger, and soon to be CNA.

I hope to entertain, educate, and to promote my skills. There are people who need help right now, so there is no time to waste.

I am David, and I am your Friend!