Another Message on Addiction – A clarification

I want you explain my last post on addiction. I am not only a current victim of someone else’s problem; I have had my own problems.

I have been addicted to many different substances. When I accepted my life was no longer under control I decided to completely stop all use. I went through wild withdrawals. The only things that helped were my brothers and sisters at NA and constant meditation. I prayed to God, and I roughed it out. It was tough, but I learned my lesson.

So when I wrote my last post about my current issues with addicts that are orbiting me, I came a little too hard. As a victim and a survivor I know it takes real straight talk to get the point across. There comes a time where you cannot let another person steal anymore of your precious joy.

Because you love them, you enable them in ways that you are sometimes just not aware of. You could actually give them drugs and be that kind of enabler. You can also allow the addict to lie, cheat, and steal from you, without consequence. That is just as bad.

There comes a time where everything needs to be on the table. You need to demand that your loved one seeks treatment. You have to let them know how you feel, how much you love them and how this hurts. Some treatment professionals call this an “intervention”.

It’s just a coming of days when it comes from just one person.

And you will hear every excuse in the world. Don’t lose any ground. Stand your ground and demand a better way. They will insult, rage, even panic. It’s ok; they don’t know how to live anymore so they are frightened by the sudden reality check.

Addiction is a disease. I have all empathy and sympathy for the recovering. But that is if you are actively recovering. If you are just blowing hot air, and getting high again, that deserves no sympathy. The user needs to know you love them but you will not deal with this one more minute. No sympathy.

Addiction is a disease, and just like any other disease if untreated it will become dangerous. Quit enabling this behavior and offer to help. But if they refuse, then you need to cut them loose. Losing it all and hitting rock bottom is the best place for a raging addict to come to. I hit rock bottom in the brig, and I actively sought treatment and needed it for many years. But I actively sought treatment.

Help is available.

My name is David. And I am your Friend.

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