Volunteer or Donate today to the Central Brevard Sharing Center

Visit the Central Brevard Sharing Center: sharingcenter.org

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of starting my first day of volunteering with the Central Brevard Sharing Center. And it was so wonderful to be there.


The Central Brevard Sharing Center provides many services to the underserved and homeless in the Central Brevard area. People come to take advantage of their food pantry, to get needed medicines and first aid kits, hygiene products. They operate a soup kitchen and a thrift store.


I was hired to do office work, but I decided to work all over the center. I helped people get food, sorted donations, helped load trucks and cars with thrift store finds. I was in heaven.


I love being able to help my community in any way I can. This is a great experience builder and networking tool. I was originally asked to volunteer just one day a week, but in about three hours the staff understood I am an all purpose volunteer.


So instead of just Mondays I will be there in the office on Thursdays as well. I want to be there on Thursdays because Project Response comes to offer anonymous testing on those days and I want in on that action. I am an HIV advocate and a strong supporter of all HIV/STI treatment and education. I need to find a way to slip on in. I’m sure I will.


Now that I have talked about how it felt to give, now I need to ask you to give too:
The Sharing Center is in desperate need of donations of all kinds. From baby diapers and pull ups, to toothbrushes and deodorant. It only takes 5$ to give and individual the chance to be clean and fresh. This may be the difference between getting a job, or being judged.

There are showers on site for the people who need it, and laundry you can use. Both have limits to use so please call before hand or stop into the service office for cheerful and useful advice.

Please consider either donating money or product. Both will help many children, mothers, and homeless.

For every 1$ you give to the pantry, our partners give 9$ to match. That is 10$ of food for the price of 1$. Give 10$ and you have 100$ worth of food.

The Sharing Center needs volunteers as well. Here are links that will help you to find what needs to be met and how you can be a part of saving the poor and underserved get the help and the love they need in their hard times.

To donate:
Please visit this web site for more information on donating any items. Needs are food, hygiene items, and they also take lightly used furniture.
They accept:
• Nonperishable Foods
• Clothing & Shoes
• Furniture
• Books, CDs, DVDs & Magazines
• Toys, Games & Sporting Goods
• Home Décor & Linens
• Kitchen items such as cookware, dishes & utensils
• Small appliances such as, coffee makers, blenders & toasters in working condition
• Flat Screen TVs in working condition
• Electronics such as lamps, MP3s, iPods & clock radios in working condition
• Computers & Cell Phones in working & non-working condition
• Tools & Lawn Equipment if gas has been removed
• Personal Hygiene Items
• Baby Supplies


You can also donate your time in many areas of interest. If you have a special skill or you think you would be a fit for any of the services that they provide you can visit their volunteer page for more info.

“Volunteers are the heart and backbone of our agency. We are always looking for volunteers to help us out in the following areas:”
For a volunteer application please visit:


Current needs are as follows:

·         Community Kitchen
Food preparation, Serving meals, Clean up, and Cafeteria Monitor

·         Food Pantry
Provide Emergency Groceries, Stock Shelves

·         Drivers
Pick up donations. (Must have a good driving record.)

·         Thrift Store Help
Sorting Donations, Client Assistance, Cashier

·         Office Work
Answer Phones, Data Processing, Client Assistance, Filing

“We welcome individuals and service clubs a like so come join our group of volunteers and help make our mission a success.
Please fill out and submit a volunteer application or print and bring it to our office.”
Please contact us about volunteering and/or donating.
Sharing Center of Central Brevard
113 Aurora Street
Cocoa, FL 32922
Phone: 321-631-0306

Any and all assistance with donations and volunteerism would be more than appreciated. Besides you may just get to meet “Your Friend David” in person. I’d love to see you there.

With love and even more love,
Your Friend David


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