On gun control, and activism – Your Friend David

I am not alone in the effect that a school shooting has on our culture. We are inundated by the access to weapons, and then the subsequent use of those weapons. Crime, passion, just plain hate – all these things are the triggers that set these plots into motion. Mental health seems to be a common thread. So too the obvious signs of the disturbance. We fail at every turn. Nothing is being done.

And so I want to reference the Parable of the Rainbow Room. The elder generation was taught that we needed our weapons for sport, for protection, for status. We needed a gun to show that we were ready for the eminent threat of war from many enemies. We wanted to be ready to defend our freedom, personally.
And in their day schools taught gun safety, parents took the responsibility to know their child’s aptitude to operate a weapon. Many safeguards were in place to assure that you knew how to use, keep, maintain and secure your weapons.
We used to live in tight knitted communities, where you knew your next door neighbor. You relied on them to help you raise your children, and their children with the values of your society. There were no screens in everybody’s faces or TV babysitters. If a kid got in trouble up the road, he faced it all the way home and then once he got there he faced it again. Children were taught respect and faith, not immediate gratification and political correctness.
So now we come to today. The room is not the same color as it was back then. The children are different and they have much more access to information and to social groups. They are not the respectful, faithful generation of yesterday. They are the informed, opinionated and powerful leaders of tomorrow.
And so what I see, just past the politics is a movement. A generation is coming of informed activists. These kids have lived through the recent Great Recession, and they know how to access any information they choose to. They are strong in their voices, and willing to stand for their causes.
These kids are a powerful example of the changes society has to go through to maintain its life. Society has to change.
The elders are crying “What did we do wrong? We don’t see what to change, because we liked it that way? Why are they so different, how can we continue?”
And some elders say “Goodness, look at their determination. We did it! We actually raised a generation strong enough to lead! We will continue!”


I don’t want to get into opinion on gun control or on the Second Amendment or specifics on the NRA’s position but as I listen to the voices of the children, I hear nothing out of the other side. Nope, we won’t change anything.
I know who is going to change the world, and I know who will be left out if they don’t respect this change. The room keeps changing color. Always.


Your Friend David.

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