Defining my role – A message from “Your Friend David”

I feel that some of you may be mistaken as to my role here. I understand that a blogger must remain fresh and fruitful, but I am not a writer. I don’t really care about grammar. It’s not about grammar.
I write my posts mostly from voice recognition, which I learned how to effectively use to produce these works. It is a limited thing, and I have to manually go over every word I write to make sure all my words are there. I am not a writer.
I am an advocate, so I guide people to care and to support. I am a home health aide, and so I care for clients in the home setting, and I do it well. I am a blogger and a social visionary. I am not a writer.
If grammar is a thing to you, you are in the wrong place. Put that crap aside and realize that the work is more important than words. I don’t have the patience to explain to everyone this fact.
More than words, the job I do is one on one. It’s a personal journey in every aspect of life. From adolescence to old age, each one of you have a personal journey to be on. We have our strengths and our weaknesses. The work is supported by these aspects. The work is more important than words.
I hope that my hands are every day guided by love to be the helping hand to the underserved. In all aspects of my life I have filled every square centimeter of my life with sparkling joy. Maybe that is what is so confusing. It somehow pains some people to realize they can’t steal any more joy from me.
I won’t listen to your concerns about my condition. I know what my state is. I know what being undetectable means. I know and have adapted to my right side blindness. I have worked with many nurses who were much worse off. I am not in pain, I have the ability to lift and pull weight. I have the training of a warrior, unable to retreat. Let the ceiling fall and the house burn, I’m ready for it!
I know I am a curiosity. How does he really think he can do this? As long as bullets are not whizzing past my ears, I believe the job can be done with grace and dignity. Nothing the doctors have said has stopped my mission. I am moving back to me.
So I am not a writer. I am David, and I am your friend!
There is enough room on this pathway, will you walk with me? I’ll walk with you!

With unconditional love,
Your Friend David

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