Billy Graham and Coca-Cola – An aide’s story continues

This morning we start the usual way.

The routine is always the same, but this morning there is something different. The TV is on the morning news. The reports are just as horrible as yesterday. Today a great man died. Billy Graham has passed at 99.

She has such fond memories of him. We reminisce and chat about his decades of work, his faith in God. We talk about his age and how much he leaves behind. We agree we know where he is going now. We know he was a good and faithful servant.

I know a bit more about that man, but it’s not for her to worry about. The older you get the less phobic you become. You realize there is no more time for hate or miserable moods. It’s far greater to wake up and be positive and grateful. We leave the hate at the back door.

She remembers going to his crusades, and listening to his wisdom. She reminds me that he has been a friend to every President. She tells me of a time long ago where his voice raised the Holy Ghost in her. I sit quiet just letting her go on and on. I love moments like these.

She finishes her breakfast and heads off to start the day. All this talk of death and life has my mind buzzing, as I rush around the house, cleaning up and resetting the day. I feverously scrub the floors and do the dishes. No laundry today.

I have just enough time to put on her favorite show. It soothes her to watch familiar things, and she loves her shows. We talk about the program and the episode as she puts on her shoes. I am so proud of how independent she is. In awe of her aged beauty.

Time for a soda and a break. She loves coca-cola, I prefer Dr. Pepper. Hey doll… Did you know it was Dr. Pemberton who invented both drinks? We drink and we laugh. It is a beautiful day.

Such joy and beauty, I am reminded of why I do this. I am strengthened by our interactions. Many people have doubted my ability. Say it one more time, that you believe I am unable. One more time, and then watch me fly. When I feel I am in too deep, the life preserver of joy keeps me safe.

She is my harbor in this storm.

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