The Sharing Center of Central Brevard – A valuable resource!

I want to share with you some exciting news on my advocacy and social outreach fronts that is literally keeping me up at night. I’m so freaking excited!!!

I am pleased to announce that I will be providing my services to the Sharing Center of Central Brevard, and I want you all to know what this place is and what it does to serve Brevard’s underserved and needy.

I found out about this organization in 2004 after the repeat hurricanes. I lived beachside and due to the damage and the length of time we were ordered to evacuate, ends just were not being met. I couldn’t make enough money to keep the lights on, the rent paid, or my mouth fed.


Soon I found myself receiving Ryan White services, and locally the Health Department has a contract to work in tandem, to provide food pantry services to those who are in the program and under the poverty level. This place gives so much food to our community that its hard to even get all of it home sometimes. Its amazing, and it has been a life saver in my case.

In 2004 they even assisted me with financial help as I was unable to even pay my rent due to lack of work and damages. They were there just after hurricanes Matthew and Irma recently and I would have not been able to make it through those disasters without them.

The Central Brevard Sharing Center is located in Cocoa, Florida just off of State Road 520, and Aurora Rd. They are open Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm, with a lunch break at noon to 1pm. The office is open those hours, and you will need just a bit of personal information to begin to receive services from them.

From the Central Brevard Sharing Centers Website:
• Reside in the central section of Brevard County – Pt. St John south to the Pineda Causeway, Orange/Brevard County line east to the ocean.
• Complete and sign Client Assistance Form
• Household representative must present a picture ID and provide an original social security card for every member in the household (every time you apply).

You will need these items for each assistance request you make. It is important to call their office to be sure you have the required information, as you will need additional information like a final notice or eviction notice, for financial services. All services are dependant on availability.
To get started call: 321-631-0306. One of their helpful staff members will be happy to assist you in receiving the help you need. If you’re lucky you might even speak to me! Id love to make your experience rewarding and supportive.

While were at it, did you know all it takes is 5$ to really make a positive impact?

Just 5$ can buy enough hygiene items to help a person be clean, and feel self worth. Quite a few of the people I have met only need a shower and some toothpaste, and they could be hired, and of the street. Just FIVE DOLLARS! It could make the difference.
The Sharing Center has need of money donations, food donations, and they also have a thrift store which always needs your gently used household items.
You can sign up to personally donate or volunteer here:  The Sharing Center of Central Brevard
Links to shop, donate, and volunteer are on their home page.

You can also follow them on Facebook at The Sharing Center of Central Brevard Facebook Page
I am happy that I will be a member of this organization, and I hope to provide everyone I meet with the best and brightest day I possibly can.
So, why are you waiting?!? Shop, Donate, or Volunteer NOW!
With Love and Excitement!

Your Friend David



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