Welcome to The Crimson Lifeline!

Welcome to the official website for the “Crimson Lifeline”. I’ve been away for a while and a little rusty but I am here, none the less.


I almost rebranded myself to something like “Singularity ME” because of the reasons I left for a while. I felt like the internet became a destructive place, and I felt that creating there was almost impossible. I wanted to avoid the politics and social warfare that have been dominating the web. I certainly wanted nothing to do with Twitter anymore. Facebook became private, personal, and closed off. I just wanted to talk about my life, my experiences. Nothing else.


So, a singularity sounded dope.


Past the event horizon, a volatile place of destruction, and creation, lies the singularity. The point of infinite mass. The reality bending, swirling motion of the boundary of time and space coaleces into our souls. We carry a singularity in our hearts, and from that point all matter abounds.


The glory of the infinite cannot be contained, and as a result we emit, just like a black hole, a gamma ray burst. Radiating in all directions to the boundaries of the universe, our singularity fills the darkness with light and substance. And if you look closely, each black hole creates its own system, born of the DNA of the source point. Like fingerprint, singular.


This only strengthens my resolve to keep the original branding, and to jump into actually owning the rights to a domain for it. It is only logical that this is the next step, if I were moving forward. I don’t have to really even talk about politics, there’s much more going on. I don’t have to address social issues that drain my emotions. Let that be for the pundants, they get paid to do that sort of thing.


No, I won’t be choosing a side this time. I have my own opinions, and they will color my creation, as all opinions and personal positions will do. That is a given, but I just won’t abide the social warfare. I will not tolerate monochrome bad eggs.


That’s what I call these people, monochrome. Because honestly all I hear is black and white, Red and Yellow. Monochrome musings that have only one color, throughout the whole thing. I am a colorful person. I love color and I respect color. I am half blind, so I have a certain affinity for beautiful things. Color seasons the whole world. It sweetens the stew.


There are so many colors, so many ways to see. I just can’t contain the color of this world. I have a joy in my heart that seeks to be expressed, and social warfare is no place for it. So if you’re trolling, stay away. I really can’t care for your opinion, because I can’t change them, and I don’t have to live with them.


Nope! You can have no more of my joy! I will not allow it. I’ll dispense it as I wish, and I intend to be liberal. I want to just pour my joy out on you. A drink offering, a blessing of love, and a place of safety.


You can tell me anything, and you can share with me anything. Just remember that sharing should be regulated by caring. I care about your opinion, even when we don’t agree. Please care for mine in kind, and I will assure you unique content, and insightful expression.


Lets CO-CREATE together!


I present to you…

The Crimson Lifeline Blog

With love and blessings,

Your Friend Davi

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